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How do I make my application stand out?

Our recruiters are often asked about how prospective candidates can make their application stand out. This question came up again recently in our Instagram Q&A with the London Graduate Resourcing and Development team.

To help you make your application stand out from the thousands of others that we receive, here are the team's top-five tips.

1. Do your research
We want to see that you have researched White & Case and the opportunities that we offer. Explore Inside White & Case to find out about the work that trainees, associates and partners do and get a real insight into working with us. Go a step further by completing our virtual learning experience or attending one of our open days.

2. Demonstrate that you have a global mindset
You don't need to have travelled extensively to demonstrate your interest in international affairs. Learning a language in your free time, joining an international society or reading widely can all show us that you will thrive in our international teams and enjoy working on projects with teams and clients around the world. Your own heritage or personal experience of diversity is another way to show that you are open to different cultures and nationalities.

3. Show us that you're a team player
Playing on a sports team, getting involved with a charity or volunteer programme or working in a busy restaurant or bar–these all show that you can work well with different people and play your part in achieving a common goal.

4. Think about the whole package
Your covering letter and application form will be reviewed together. Don't copy-and-paste from one to the other. We review all applications carefully but have many more candidates than positions. Review your complete application package carefully and make it as good as it can be.

5. Be yourself
What makes you unique? We want to find out about your own life experience and your personality. This is your chance to make an impression and help us identify you as someone we want to get to know better. If you think that you are a great match for White & Case, make sure that you tell us why.