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Top tips from our London Graduate Resourcing and Development team

September 2022: Your covering letter is your first chance to impress our Graduate Resourcing and Development team. They read thousands of applications from students who want a place on one of our vacation schemes or a training contract. Here are their top tips about what they look for–and what they definitely don't want to see–in a covering letter.

Keep to the point
Your covering letter should be concise and relevant. Remember, you can expand in more detail on your education, achievements and interests on the application form. Tell us briefly about yourself, why you are applying to White & Case and why you want to be a lawyer.

Tailor your letter to the opportunity that you are applying for
We can always spot a generic covering letter! We want to know why you are interested in working as a lawyer at White & Case specifically. Get to know what we do–Inside White & Case or our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great places to start–and tell us why this is the right Firm for you.

Tell us relevant information about yourself
We want to know about you and why you are interested in a career in law. Mention any direct experience with the legal world, such as work experience, internships (including virtual experiences), meeting different law firms at careers fairs or attending open days. We also want to hear about non-legal work experience you have had and the transferable skills that these opportunities have allowed you develop.

Don't tell us about our Firm
Applicants sometimes make the mistake of using their letters to repeat information from our website. We're keen to understand what it is specifically that attracts you to our Firm, and why you, and the skills you have developed, are a good match. Take your research even further and use this chance to make a good first impression on us.

Proofread carefully
Lawyers need to be able to pay close attention to detail. Check your spelling and grammar thoroughly. Ask a trusted friend to proofread your letter for you. Our vacation schemes and training contracts are in high demand and poor presentation means that your application is unlikely to go further.