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Top tips from our London Graduate Resourcing and Development team

September 2022: The pre-recorded video interview is an important part of our selection process for vacation scheme and training contract positions. Gemma, Lucy and Jessica from the London Graduate Resourcing and Development team cover the answers to your most frequently asked questions on this key stage of the assessment process.

Prepare yourself and your surroundings
Dress as you would for any job interview. Make sure that you can be seen and heard clearly and that there is an unobtrusive background. Test your camera and microphone, do a trial run on the system or with a friend, and check that the recording looks and sounds acceptable.

Know what to expect
You will be asked to record answers to three questions, which will be reviewed by our Graduate Resourcing and Development team. You will have the opportunity to practice sample questions as many times as you like. You will answer a competency-based question; a question on the role itself; and a commercially-focused question.

Practice, practice, practice
Your answers can be up to 90 seconds long, but you do not need to use all this time if you feel that your answer is complete. Familiarise yourself with structuring and planning a response that will fit the maximum length of time. Remember, once you start recording your answer, you will not be able to start again.

Take a moment
Lost your train of thought or want to clarify a point? Don't panic and stop recording. Take a moment to collect yourself and start again. We will review the quality of your answers, not your performance.

Express yourself
We want to see your personality in your video interview. You don't need to use complicated legal terms or elaborate language. Our lawyers regularly participate in video conferences with clients and teams around the world. We want to see that you are comfortable communicating in this way but we don't expect you to be word-perfect.