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“I can’t wait until summer 2022!”

March 2022: We asked the incoming US summer associate class of '22 about why they chose White & Case, what they're most excited about and how they have experienced the global, diverse nature of our Firm so far. Here's what they told us...

Tell us about why you applied to White & Case

"White & Case was a Firm that I always had on my radar due to the Firm's global presence and their commitment to attorney development and client services." Lindsey China

Lindsey China


Maimmouna Diarra

"As a person with an international family and interests in international relations, I knew I wanted to join White & Case after learning of the Firm's leadership in international law. I have always valued the diverse perspectives and personal growth that working on international issues and existing in diverse communities has given me." Maimouna Diarra


"Previously, I worked as a national security policy staffer in the US Senate. The strike on Soleimani raised tough constitutional and sanctions questions and was the turning point that prompted my pivot from policy to law. I'm excited about switching gears from a legislative and regulatory mindset to understand what legal considerations drive private sector growth." Hsin-Yi (Sherri) Pan

Hsin-Yin Pan


How did you find the application and interview process?

"The lawyers I met during the interview process confirmed for me that this is exactly where I want to be: surrounded by incredibly intelligent and empathetic people who share the global outlook I so highly value." Mike Kowalski

Mike Kowalski


Luisa Paganini

"I am the first to go to law school in my family, and the first to study in the US. I felt that everyone I spoke with in my interviews genuinely wanted to get to know me as a person, to understand where I come from as well as how I got to where I am today. It is a dream come true to be headed to a firm where I can use my language skills in Portuguese and Spanish." Luisa Paganini


"I had several really helpful and engaging conversations with White & Case attorneys both before and during my interview process, and I felt a sense of compatibility and an encouraging attitude throughout." Mustafa Hameed

Mustafa Hameed


What aspects of our culture or values appeals to you?

"From being a competitive swimmer in the South to the only African-American woman in my first-year law school section at UVA, I was inspired to pursue a career in law as a way to create more favorable spaces for future first-generation women of color joining the legal profession. I knew I wanted to join White & Case early in the interview process due to their commitment to diversity and global network." Chanel Holmes

Chanel Holmes


Elana Coates

"I chose White & Case for the people! Having worked at White & Case before law school as a legal assistant, I knew the Firm offers the opportunity to work on front-page deals alongside some of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the world. Everyone—from senior partners to junior associates—is collegial and collaborative, contributing to an educational and fun work environment." Elana Cates


"A standout moment is that all of my interviewers during callback were female attorneys, who were all so kind and offered me so many great insights on the Women's Network and initiatives at White & Case—which is one of the most important reasons why I decided to join." Yingying (Chloe) He

Yingying He


What are you most looking forward to during the Summer Program?

"Every project presents unique challenges that I am excited to attempt to solve and put all the skills I've learned throughout law school to practice. I can't wait until summer 2022!" Mazin Elhag

Mazin Elhag


Khadija Ahmed

"I'm very excited to join White & Case this upcoming summer and gain world-class legal training! White & Case is incredibly supportive of first-generation lawyers and historically underrepresented groups, like religious minorities, in the legal profession." Khadija Ahmed


"At my local community college in Los Angeles, not many were dreaming of becoming attorneys. Step-by-step, I set goals for myself and pushed harder and harder to accomplish those goals. Getting into UCLA from community college, receiving a scholarship to attend Peking University in Beijing, working for the US State Department, and learning new languages, all led me step-by-step to my dream of working in international law and business." Sarah Roman

Sarah Roman