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“Your Summer Program experience is what you make it—so make the most of it!”

August 2021: As US law students start the process of applying for 2022 summer programs, our US Recruitment team tells us why students should apply for the White & Case Summer Associate Program.

According to Legal Recruiting Coordinator Juliette Fernandez, the highlight of the White & Case Summer Program is clear: "Simply, I believe that it's the quality of the work. Every year, our summer class tells us that they especially enjoy—and perhaps were not expecting—getting to work on a variety of assignments. They also have direct contact with clients and truly understand just what it means to be a junior associate."

Tyla Murphy, Legal Recruiting Coordinator, adds that, "Over the ten-week program, summer associates really get the chance to be fully integrated into the Firm. As well as the work, that also means taking part in activities organized by their office or team, or an affinity group event. You get to know the people that you might be working with and they get to know you too."

Comprehensive support, fun and valuable learning opportunities

Grace Seery, Attorney Recruiting Manager, discusses the support that is available: "Not only does our summer class have associate mentors, regular partner contact and perhaps also an office buddy, but of course they build their own strong network. As a recruitment team, we also hold regular check-ins with our summers. These are safe spaces where they can seek guidance."

The Summer Associate Conference, held at the Firm's New York office, is a chance for the entire class, from across our eight US offices, to come together for a week. It's a great mix of team-building, networking and fun, especially the Field Day. Juliette adds that there are some valuable learning sessions too. "For example, we do a seminar on the law firm business model—how a firm actually makes money. This kind of practical knowledge is really useful as students consider their future careers."

Applying for the White & Case Summer Program

What advice do the three recruiters have for anyone applying for a summer program now? Grace says that it's all about practice when preparing for an interview: "It really is true that practice makes perfect. While we don't expect absolutely word-perfect responses to interview questions, you should definitely prepare your answers to likely questions: Why do you want to be a lawyer? Why do you want to work at White & Case?" Tyla emphasizes the importance of being familiar with your own résumé. "If you have won a prize, edited a law journal or have any other relevant experience, we'll want you to tell us about it. Run your answers by a friend or a member of the career services office at your school." Juliette points out that it's a two-way process. "We expect that you'll already know something about the Firm and have done your own research before any interview. There are plenty of resources available. Listen to our podcast, explore Inside White & Case, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and read about the Firm on Chambers or Vault."

Highlights of the program, according to summer associates

What do these recruiters hear from summer associates about what they most enjoy about the White & Case Summer Program? "What we hear is that they are surprized at how closely they get to work with partners," says Tyla. "There's a misconception that partners are these very remote figures, but the reality is that you'll be working closely with them, and also that they're very approachable."

Grace adds that the experience of working across multiple legal jurisdictions is also something that comes as an unexpected upside: "We have 44 offices in 30 countries, so our summer associates will find themselves working as part of a team across time zones and continents. They get a first-hand experience of being part of a global team."

"Put your hand up and get involved"

Juliette has some final advice for anyone thinking about applying for the 2022 program: "Your Summer Program experience is what you make it—so make the most of it! Whether that's using your language skills or getting exposure to specific areas of law, put your hand up and get involved."