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Discover our five US virtual learning programs

April 2023: Law school might teach you about the law, but how can you find out about what it's actually like to work as a lawyer? Danielle Fine, our Americas Legal Recruitment Manager, discusses White & Case's virtual learning programs with incoming summer associates Amir Ashour and Nadim Dabbous.

Danielle Fine: Students, including pre-law students, can complete any or all of our five virtual learning programs: Antitrust, Cross-Border Transactions, Debt Finance, Intellectual Property and Trade. What did you hope to get from the experience of completing the program?

Amir Ashour: I completed the Debt Finance virtual learning program. My main expectation was to get a glimpse of what White & Case lawyers work on and learn a little about what assignments are given to associates.

Nadim Dabbous: I anticipated gaining a general understanding and practical experience of the work done by a White & Case lawyer, as well as discovering various practice groups within the Firm. For me, I did the Cross-Border Transactions program.

DF: All our virtual learning programs are free, practical modules that are designed for law students to gain insight into what our lawyers really do. Were there any surprises for you?

ND: Yes—how interactive and exciting the virtual learning program was designed to be. I had the opportunity to observe a negotiation, participate in fictional client communication, and engage in the typical work that a lawyer does in their day-to-day. This experience taught me new terminologies and exposed me to the international element of the work at White & Case.

AA: What I found surprising is the fact that lawyers in the Debt Finance practice area seem to have the chance to use skills that are not traditionally associated with law. They're able to be both lawyers and consultants for their clients.

DF: That's good to hear! Part of my role is to collaborate with lawyers across various practice groups to create the programs, so students can get a true feel for the work they'll be doing in their future careers. So what are your takeaways from the programs? Anything you can apply as summer associates?

ND: My key takeaways from the experience were realizing the crucial role lawyers play in cross-border transactions and the global nature of their work, understanding the significant responsibilities assigned to associates, and recognizing how the collaboration of different practice groups is essential to achieve successful outcomes, as exemplified by the fictional client in the program that required the coordination of the Project Finance, M&A and IP groups.

AA: I'd say the importance of being detail-oriented and asking questions! I had many questions which I would have loved to ask associates and partners about. As a student with a limited amount of time at law school, programs like these allow me to explore topics that I will likely not have time to learn about in a classroom.

DF: Right, and we appreciate that law students have exceedingly busy schedules. In developing these programs, the key to success that I've seen is to provide students with short opportunities to sample the work White & Case lawyers do in 60 to 90 minutes from start to finish. The Firm intends to design future programs like these that are high-level introductions to give students a flavor of the work. As a recruiter, I notice candidates who differentiate themselves by completing programs like this and demonstrating their interest in our Firm. Would you encourage your peers to participate in such programs?

ND: It's very useful for students considering a career in law, as it provides a realistic experience of the work of a lawyer and helps them gain a better understanding and interest in business law, cross-border work and the possibility of an international career.

AA: Even for a short online program like this, White & Case provided details and examples of how things can be done, which is reassuring for someone starting a new career.

DF: That's great to hear! Finally, what are you most excited about for this summer?

AA: After this program, I am excited about the detailed training and guidance I will receive at White & Case.

ND: I am excited about the prospect of working on international projects with various clients across the globe. I am also looking forward to learning on the job, taking advantage of every opportunity presented to me to grow professionally.

To experience any of our US virtual learning programs including: Antitrust, Cross-Border Transactions, Debt Finance, Intellectual Property and Trade, visit our website where you can enroll and get started today.