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Presenting the new series of our podcast On the record with White & Case

January 2024: Our new On the record with White & Case hosts Jane Kennedy and Barbara Brooks Andrews tell us all about the White & Case podcast for current and future lawyers, business professionals, and anyone interested in finding out about life in Big Law.

"On the Record is our chance to give students, potential lateral hires and our current lawyers more insights into the fast-paced and dynamic world of Big Law," explains US Legal Recruiting Coordinator Jane Kennedy. "We take a deep dive into career paths at the Firm and what it's really like to work here."

Meet our people and get to know our Firm

Lateral Legal Recruiting Coordinator Barbara Brooks Andrews adds, "Listeners will really get a sense of the Firm's values and who we are. When you can actually hear people discussing their daily working lives and explaining their own journey to White & Case, you really feel that human connection."

According to Barbara, hearing someone else explain their own route to the Firm can be revealing: "It can be intimidating to think of yourself at a large, global firm. But I think when you hear a real voice, someone's own story about their journey, you realize they asked themselves the same questions and were making the same decisions. You can really hear for yourself where a career at White & Case could take you."

She says that the career stories of our featured interviewees demonstrate the truly global nature of working at White & Case. "I speak to people who have travelled extensively for work, but it's also about the global nature of their job—for example, the number of colleagues from different offices collaborating on a single deal."

Highlights from the new series: interviews, tips and more

Jane's excited to share details of the new series: "To start off with, we take a look back at one of my favorite episodes when we speak with former 1L and 2L Miami summer associate Mae Espinosa. She's now an Energy Infrastructure Project and Asset Finance lawyer with a focus on project finance in Latin America, and it's fascinating to hear her story and why she feels the Firm is a great fit for her."

What else is coming up? Jane says that more in-depth career stories are on the way: "Look out for episodes with our partners, associates, and business services professionals. We'll also be covering interview and application tips and share what we, as recruiters, are looking for. And early in the new season, we have an interview with two associates who discuss how they made a decision at the end of the Summer Program about whether a career in litigation or transactional work was right for them."

Coming up: exploring our global offices, learning about professional development

Barbara shares more about what's in store: "I'm really excited about hearing from some of our other offices around the globe this year on their offerings. We've also lined up episodes where we dive into professional development tips, networking strategies, legal trends and how to enhance your communication skills. We will also discuss how to make the transition from law school to law firm, and the career paths for business services professionals. We'll be covering it all."

Make a positive impression with our recruiters

Jane points out another advantage for listeners: a real insight into Firm culture and a potential talking point at the interview stage. "As recruiters, we always want to know why someone is applying to this Firm, rather than any other. Being able to mention something that you heard on the podcast will show that you really have made the effort to get to know us."

Finally, both Barbara and Jane are looking forward to sharing the 'off the record' segment in each show; a chance to capture the lighter side of life in a global law firm. For Barbara, the connection with colleagues is a big part of the experience of working at this Firm. "Our affinity networks, social events and the friendships between our people—that's definitely a highlight of working at White & Case."