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What I wasn't expecting about working at White & Case

November 2022: Finding a firm that's the right fit for the next stage of your career is key for associates considering a lateral move to White & Case. But aside from the work, what makes this Firm different? Associates from our Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York offices tell us about the unexpected upsides about life at White & Case.

You're encouraged to be in the driving seat of your own career

"In a growing office, you can create your own practice inside the Firm. You can be entrepreneurial; new clients, new work, new ways of doing things." Nate Bascom, Houston

"I feel independent. There's always support and help but you can also figure things out on your own. My input is valued and I have leeway to get started and approach things in the way that I see fit." Melissa Olivo, Miami

There's a culture of transparency and openness

"There's a culture of transparency that is really refreshing. Every month in our section meetings, we discuss the financials of our group and the wider Firm. There's information to hand out about average billing, comparisons to the previous year, etc. That's on top of regular town halls, Q&As and other communications." Alexander Liebers, New York

Diversity and inclusion is not just a box-ticking exercise

"The affinity networks were a pleasant surprise; there's a lot of activities, events and engagement. For example, the quality of external speakers for the Asian affinity network is impressive." Joseph Chung, New York

"I'm Black and Hispanic, so people want to know if I feel respected, do I feel valued? And my answer is yes. Most important for me, I feel like whenever I walk into a room or get on a VC, my competence is assumed." Alexus Payton, Los Angeles

My client secondment has been challenging and rewarding and will make me a better, more well-rounded litigator

The work is as good as you could hope for

"Being able to pick up the phone and get the highest-caliber legal advice from someone in another White & Case office anywhere in the world is pretty remarkable. I like the fact that you get an insight into different cultures through working together." Alexander Liebers, New York

"There were partners in the Miami office that took me under their wing from day one and staffed me on important matters that made me feel immediately part of the team. I remember being given the opportunity to travel to a significant meeting within my first couple of weeks being at the firm." Amanda Parra Criste, Miami

"My client secondment has been challenging and rewarding, and will make me a better, more well-rounded litigator." Thomas Cull, Chicago

There's a real sense of camaraderie

"Deciding to move firms is a considerable commitment, and I had questions about the Firm's culture, the integration and onboarding process, how I might mesh with the team. But when I met the partners who I'd be working with, they were extremely reassuring about the transition and the support that would be available." Joseph Chung, New York

"There's an understanding about the boundaries that you need to be a healthy and thriving associate. I think it's really important to work at a place where they value your time away from the office." Melissa Olivo, Miami