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London recruiters share their top tips for aspiring trainees

November 2023: Are you considering applying for an opportunity with White & Case? We've compiled the best advice from our London Graduate Resourcing and Development team for every stage of the process. Read their tips now.

Do your research

Our Graduate Resourcing and Development team will be hosting a virtual series, as well as attending in-person campus events, dinners and careers fairs across the UK. Come along and say hello and get to know us! Find out more here

Take time to get a good understanding of what a trainee actually does. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about working at a commercial law firm, starting with our virtual learning programme.

Get to know our Firm, our work and our people online. Start by exploring Inside White & Case and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Tell us your story

We want to hear about everything that has led you to apply to White & Case, whether that's juggling multiple tasks in a busy customer service job or your interest in international business. We're not only interested in your legal experience, if any.

It's a real shame to see people leaving out parts of their application form or giving incomplete answers. Without all the information, we can't make a judgement on whether you have the potential to succeed with the Firm.

Remember that we want to get to know you. Show us your personality and tell us about yourself. One of our partners, Joshua Siaw, who has gone on to specialise in African markets, said that if he was applying again, he would make more of his Ghanaian heritage and interest in working in Africa as his USP.

Be accurate and pay attention to detail

Attention to detail is critical for a lawyer. Check your written application for grammar and spelling—we do read every application form very carefully.

We also check academic transcripts, so make sure that you record your academic achievements accurately.

When reviewing your application before submitting, ask yourself: Does every statement add value? Does every statement help the person reading it gain a better understanding of who you are and your motivations?

Get ready for your video and in-person interview

You can do the practice questions as many times as you like before recording your final answers in the video interview. Have a think about which of your experiences align with our competencies. This will help you organise your thoughts when faced with the 15-second countdown.

Make sure that you are familiar with your own application before your face-to-face interview and anticipate the questions that we will ask you. Ensure that you understand your own motivations behind wanting to pursue a career with the Firm and can discuss these, as well as any deals or transactions that have genuinely interested you.

We like it when candidates come ready to talk about other experiences, like part-time jobs, volunteering work or their involvement with student societies.

Show us that you have the right mindset

Be prepared to explain why you are interested in White & Case specifically. Tell us about the research you have done and why this motivated you to want to join our hard-working, diverse group of trainees.

A global mindset is essential as a trainee, given the international nature of our work. There are many ways to illustrate this during the recruitment process, not just your personal experiences of travelling or working abroad. For example, following international deals in the news demonstrates an interest in global affairs. 

Learning languages is another example. In addition, have a think about what you would gain from the experience of the guaranteed overseas seat.

Don't second-guess what we're looking for

We use blind recruitment and Rare's contextual recruitment system to ensure our processes are as inclusive as possible.

There's no such thing as a typical White & Case trainee. We work with many organisations and universities to ensure we are reaching a diverse group of candidates.

We're committed to making opportunities available to candidates with disabilities and long-term health conditions. So if you have extenuating circumstances that you want to disclose or need adjustments made at any stage of our process, please do us know. We are Disability and Support Champions and are happy to speak in confidence on +44 20 7532 2899 or via