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10 reasons to do a vacation scheme at White & Case

October 2021: What's the best possible way for future lawyers to get a real insight into what it's actually like to work at a global law firm like White & Case? Every year, 75 undergraduate students and graduates take part in one of our three vacation schemes. Here's the top-ten reasons why you should apply.

1. There's no competition for training contracts

Most of our trainees come from our vacation schemes (approximately 80 per cent), but there's no limit on how many vacation scheme participants will be offered a training contract. The two-week programme is an opportunity to develop valuable skills, explore working in the law and develop personally–no matter where your career takes you.

2. Develop professional skills

Working as an integral part of our teams, you'll pick up professional skills that will be valued by any future employer. These include: how to communicate professionally with clients (meeting etiquette, writing emails, notes and memos); research, decision-making and presenting skills); and simply learning about working in a City environment (everything from dress codes to the best lunch spots).

3. Build your network, both professionally and personally

You'll meet partners, associates and trainees from different practices and work alongside them every day. What's more, some of the people that you meet on your vacation scheme will continue to be your friends, mentors and close colleagues in the future.
4. Find out about different areas of the law

What does a Competition lawyer do all day? What kind of typical tasks does a trainee working in our Private Equity team do? What other practices do associates in our Capital Markets team liaise with regularly? Learning 'on the job' during the vacation scheme will answer all these questions and more.
5. Receive feedback and advice

You'll work closely with a supervisor (an associate or partner) who will give you constructive feedback on your work and your performance. For example, you may get the chance to do a first draft of a memo, then spend time with your supervisor comparing your work to the finished product. There is also the opportunity to have a formal feedback session with a member of the Graduate Resourcing team, both during and after the scheme.
6. Dedicated Graduate Resourcing team contact

You can check in with your dedicated Graduate Resourcing team member whenever you want. They're available to discuss work assignments, make introductions to people from different practices and answer any questions about the scheme or training contract that you might have.
7. Get to know our people

Working alongside, and as part of, our teams, you'll meet new people every day and build bonds. Expect to get to know our people at informal events too, including a lunch with your supervisor and fun activities after work (think sushi-making, go-karting, escape rooms and more).
8. Experience diversity at White & Case

Experience what working in a global firm really feels like. Around the world, our people represent 110 nationalities and speak 87 languages. We pride ourselves on our commitment to a diverse, supportive workforce, where everyone who works here lives our values. You'll be invited to attend affinity network events and encouraged to find out more about our actions on diversity & inclusion.
9. Get answers to your questions

Got more questions? Our 'Ask Me Anything' session with partners and associates is where you can get insights into those questions you really want to know or haven't had a chance to ask. Typical questions might be: Why White & Case? Tell us your career story. How did you make partner? What are the hours like for London trainees? 
10. Have a training contract interview

All vacation scheme participants are guaranteed a training contract interview, with two partners. This is a CV-blind process, during which you'll deliver a presentation on a commercial topic (with advance notice of the topic). You'll be asked questions about how your experience and competencies relate to the role of trainee. It's a chance to demonstrate all that you've learned during your vacation scheme, ask questions and explain why you think the Firm is the right fit for you.