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Launch Into Law
Open Days at our London office

October 2022: If you're at the very earliest stage of thinking about a career in law, then attending an Open Day at our London office is a great first step to #LaunchIntoLaw. Future trainees Shivangi Gaur, Jasper Kraamer and Carlotta Stewen have advice for anyone considering applying.

Get a taste of life in a commercial law firm 

Shivangi Gaur: "I joined a social mobility charity called STRIVE, which provides personalised training and exclusive opportunities to nurture the next generation of diverse leaders in the legal industry. My mentor at STRIVE suggested that I consider a career at White & Case, following which I applied for the Open Day."

Carlotta Stewen: "I was wanting to meet lawyers, ranging from trainees to partners, and learn about the 'White & Case difference' from a training perspective."

You're not expected to be a lawyer already

Jasper Kraamer: "To my pleasant surprise, there was absolutely no expectation to know much about the law. I think the only requirement was to be curious about commercial law. However, I did complete the virtual learning programme after hearing I was accepted to the Open Day."

SG: "I believe a candidate should have a basic level of commercial awareness. For example, during our presentation with the training principal, we discussed how an increasing focus on ESG issues had impacted law firms. However, at no point is one expected to know technicalities about the law, making the Open Day a great learning experience for law and non-law students."

... or even be a law student

CS: "As a history student, I was worried that I would not be able to fully benefit from the event because of my non-law background; this myth was busted at the Open Day. I soon realised that I was surrounded by many other non-law students, and that curiosity and enthusiasm trumped any prior legal knowledge!"

JK: "To be completely honest, I was a bit nervous before the event. As a non-law student, I thought I would be at a disadvantage. All my nerves quickly disappeared."

Think about whether this feels like the firm that fits

CS: "When I first entered the White & Case office, I immediately noticed the dynamic atmosphere and how approachable everyone was! I was also struck by the diversity both within the Firm and in the group of Open Day attendees."

SG: "The first presentation of the day, from partner Inigo Esteve, reinforced my aspiration to work at the Firm as he not only emphasised the international nature of work, but also highlighted the Firm's commitment to diversity."

Ask about what matters to you

JK: "I was really interested in the Firm's work in Africa, as well as the mental health support that the Firm offers, so I asked lots of questions about these themes.

CS: "It is important to think about what is important to you in a training contract and prepare questions that will help you to personally assess the Firm. It is your chance to speak to as many people as possible."

There's no such thing as a bad question

JK: "The best advice I was given on the Open Day was that no question is a stupid question. The Graduate Resourcing team is there to support you so if you have any questions, do not be afraid to reach out to them. The chances are that someone else is probably wondering the same thing!

SG: "I would definitely say it is good practice to have different sets of questions prepared. For example, you could ask the Graduate Resourcing team about what skills they look for in trainees or how to make vacation scheme / training contract applications stand out.

Make use of the support available at an Open Day

CS: "The Open Day was full of networking opportunities. The Graduate Resourcing team even had one-to-one sessions with us to discuss how to improve our applications, which was invaluable when it came to applying to the vacation scheme!"

SG: "All the attendees had an application review session, wherein they advised us on how to strengthen our vacation scheme / training contract applications. This was a great learning experience and made me realise that the Firm is extremely invested in our career development."

You can get to know a firm surprisingly well on an Open Day

JK: "I think an Open Day gives a brief but detailed overview of a law firm. I felt like I developed my understanding of both White & Case and commercial law on the Open Day. 

SG: "It was a great learning experience, as not only did I gain insight into the Firm's major clients and precedent-setting deals, but I also learnt about the Firm's culture.

CS: "There were so many fascinating sessions and networking opportunities throughout the day that I personally felt I gained an in-depth insight into White & Case. The opportunity to speak with lawyers from all levels of seniority ensured that I could ask questions specific to my experiences and learn about the inner workings of the Firm."

And finally...

CS: "The path towards a career in law can seem overwhelming, particularly when those around you are applying to similar firms; it is crucial to stay focussed on your own journey and motivations. Take every opportunity to get involved in the firms that you want to apply to, ask questions and show your enthusiasm!"

SG: "I had a look at White & Case's Annual Review to learn about the Firm's growth strategy, awards and ranking in different practice areas, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. This allowed me to draft a strong answer for why I wished to attend the Open Day. Secondly, ensure you proofread your entire application (including the work experience section) and avoid making any spelling or grammatical errors."