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Introducing our new US Antitrust Virtual Learning Program

November 2020:  What makes a great antitrust lawyer? New York partner Kristen O'Shaughnessy says that it's a field that attracts creative thinkers: "Unlike other areas of law that are heavily instructed by statute, antitrust is largely controlled by case law and facts unique to each matter, which means we have wide latitude to make new and novel arguments."

Boston partner Kevin Adam agrees, "Because the area is case-based, lawyers who thrive in this practice are problem-solvers who are comfortable immersing themselves in the subject matter and developing new theories that pave the way to setting precedent." Kristen adds, "There is also a practical aspect to the practice, and successful antitrust lawyers are often adept at anticipating and understanding rational behavior in a speculative world."

As antitrust cases continue to hit the headlines, often in relation to the largest technology and pharmaceutical companies, this is an exciting and high-growth area of the law. Kevin says this is really what draws him to antitrust: "The antitrust cases we handle at White & Case are usually large and extremely significant for companies, so there's a lot at stake."

An exclusive chance to experience the working life of an antitrust lawyer

White & Case has already established one successful Virtual Learning Program, which has become a proven way for aspiring lawyers—or students exploring career options—to explore the working life and culture of our Firm.

Kasey Stein, Senior Manager, Legal Recruiting, sums up the benefit for participants: "You'll get a true insight into the work that our associates do and how they work within our global teams. Completing the program demonstrates your interest in our Firm–an advantage for future applicants–and also answers many students' questions about what the day-to-day work of an associate entails."

An unique program and deep-dive into the real work of antitrust lititgators

The Firm's new specialist Antitrust Virtual Learning Program–currently the only such program offered by any law firm–goes one step further. Focusing exclusively on this area of the law, it's a chance for students to deep-dive into the mindset, tasks and responsibilities that an antitrust associate typically undertakes.

Kristen explains the thinking behind the program: "When I interview law students for our summer associate positions, I'm often asked about what a typical working day is like. Rather than merely describing our varied antitrust work, this program gives you a unique opportunity to experience the types of questions, tasks and challenges that we handle every day."

Practical application: Bridging the gap between classroom and real life

Kevin adds, "What the program does is help students bridge the gap between the classroom and legal practice, giving students a view into the type of tasks that a junior associate typically handles on a regular day. The program is pitched at the level of an associate working as part of a busy antitrust team, dealing with huge-scale cases for a Big Tech or pharma client."

He gives an example of this real-life application of law: "Associates in practice don't simply read cases, they apply that law and create work product that serves their clients and their teams. This program gives students a taste of that. For example, the tasks in the program include crafting an email for a partner distilling key documents, drafting deposition questions targeting documents produced in discovery, and creating and presenting a strategy slide deck to a client."

Typically, a student can expect to spend six to eight hours completing the program, which is divided into three different modules: Investigations/Cartels; Litigation/Depositions; and Mergers. Each module has associated tasks, with model solutions from the White & Case team provided for comparison after students have completed the work.

"A window into our work and our team"

In a world where virtual and remote opportunities have become so important, Kasey says that the Antitrust Learning Program is a way for candidates to gain valuable commercial awareness and a rounded view of the role of an antitrust associate.

She says, "At White & Case, we encourage everyone to find their passion and try out different areas of the law. Completing this program could give future associates a head start towards a fulfilling career."

Kristen agrees that the program gives law students the opportunity to preview a career in antitrust like never before: "This new antitrust virtual program is a real window into the kind of work we do, and how we interact with our teams. You aren't going to get this type of real-world experience anywhere else outside of actual practice, and completing the program is worth your time, whether you are considering a career as an antitrust lawyer or you just want a better understanding of day to day life as a litigator at White & Case."

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