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30 seconds with… new London partners

March 2021: We checked in with several of our newly promoted partners in London, who told us about their career highlights, how to build your personal network, the power of collaboration and more!

Deji Adegoke… on working in emerging markets
"It was very much a natural process and something I realized I enjoyed when I was working with clients from emerging markets. The day-to-day work itself may not be dramatically different from deals in other geographical areas, but the impact of the projects is felt in the people you meet and the experiences you have, which is such a big part of the job. One of the things that drew me to project finance in particular is that there is a real, tangible end- product to our transactions. It's incredibly enriching and humbling."

Nicola Chapman… on believing in yourself
"When you are younger, it is hard to believe you can do things even when people say that you can. For example, as a junior, sometimes on a deal you worry that things are not going well. Just remember, take a deep breath, have confidence and know that you are doing ok. It worked out for me in the end."

Morvyn Radlow… on collaborating with other teams
"In my own team, we often rely on the expertise and experience of many other departments and it makes such a huge difference to the client when we work as an integrated team, offering seamless service. Whereas, if people are only half-engaged in the matter, or only answering what was specifically asked without thinking about the wider deal and potential ramifications, things begin to fall through the gaps and problems come to light."

Kamran Ahmad … on business development
"It's important to stay in touch with people and keep your network alive. So what does this mean practically—should we be sending clients chocolates on their birthdays? I suggest a tailored approach: Some clients may like birthday cards, others will prefer regular coffee catch-ups or lunches. The important thing is keeping that connection going, starting from when you're junior."

Swati Tripathi… on some early career highlights
"The promotion to partnership is of course a massive highlight and career milestone. Besides that, when I started as an NQ I worked very intensely on a complex litigation that we took from the High Court, to the Court of Appeal and finally to the UK Supreme Court within two years, enjoying success at each stage. It was a hugely exciting case to be on, and I recall my senior partner telling me that I had already peaked in my career! While I have had many successes since then, it has been difficult to beat that record."

Margot Lindsay… on moving from New Zealand to London
"When you grow up at the bottom of the world in a country that is often left off maps, you feel a bit isolated! I hadn't travelled much before and hadn't even been to London or Europe prior to making the move. I decided to do so both because I wanted to see more of the world and to gain overseas corporate law experience in London. After moving across, I just fell in love with London and decided to settle here."