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Why I chose White & Case
Capital Markets associate Jack Adachi

September 2023: We asked London associate and former trainee Jack Adachi to tell us why he decided to start his career at White & Case. Read his story now and see why this firm was the right fit for this Capital Markets lawyer.

It's truly a global Firm with a global culture

As someone who grew up in Australia and Japan and was always surrounded by people from all over the world, I knew that I thrived in a multicultural environment. So it was natural for me to feel most comfortable at a firm with diversity at its heart.

I knew that the work would be both challenging and fulfilling

Having completed internships at global law firms in Tokyo and Australia, I got an insight into the nature of corporate law. The emphasis on client relationships aligned with my interests, character and desire for challenge. Working here gives me the opportunity to be part of a market-leading team and be involved in sophisticated and challenging deals on behalf of clients who are leaders within their industries.

The relationship and connections I've made here will last forever

Never underestimate how essential networking is in the legal profession, even as a junior lawyer. Ultimately, being a lawyer is a people profession, so building and maintaining relationships with your colleagues, mentors and clients is fundamental. These connections can open up opportunities and provide valuable support and advice throughout your career.

Working overseas turbo-charges your development

I did my overseas seat with the Capital Markets team in Paris. The team is smaller than in London, but this meant often doing NQ-level work and being trusted with a high level of responsibility. I was being supervised by a senior partner who taught me a tremendous amount in a very short space of time, and I am eternally grateful for his advice and guidance.

Jack Adachi

You can depend on your team for support

Whenever you have a question, you have an entire team of bright people you can ask for guidance and advice. As a trainee, I always tried to show enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. But one thing I wish I had done more was to ask for feedback—I think it is important to actively seek it more often to accelerate your learning and improvement.

My diverse background is valued at White & Case

It helps me work effectively with clients and colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. The chance to learn more about cultures and business customs and etiquette is an opportunity that I relish because it helps me, as a junior lawyer, to develop my skills.

Especially in my area of law, where we work with clients from all over the world, it is important to be culturally aware and to understand different perspectives.

Remember that each individual's journey into law is unique

There are various paths to success within the legal profession. The journey will involve challenges, successes and personal growth. The best thing to do is to always keep a positive mindset and outlook.