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From virtual learning programme to trainee
Onose Ogbebor's story

September 2023: Now a trainee in London, Onose Ogbebor first got to know the Firm at a Nigerian arbitration moot debating competition. From there, she explored every opportunity to find out more about the Firm, and eventually started as a trainee in 2022. Read about her decision-making process and her experiences so far.

I first heard about White & Case while on summer break in Nigeria...

White & Case sponsored an award for an arbitration mooting competition at an arbitration institute. This caught my attention, so I did some more research about the Firm. When I returned to the UK for the final year of my law degree, I interacted more with White & Case at a law fair and an application workshop.

From there, I completed the virtual learning programme...

Then I attended an open day a month later, secured a vacation scheme several months after and then completed the vacation scheme during the pandemic. I subsequently secured a training contract and eventually started last year.

Make the most of chances to get to know a firm

Don't just read about a firm online—you can find out so much more. Proactively engage with your potential employer at every opportunity. Opportunities like virtual learning programmes or open days are great avenues to meet potential colleagues and ask questions about the culture, the work and the people.

Completing a vacation scheme or other work experience opportunity in the office gives a real sense of a firm's culture

It helps you visualise the future you aspire to and helps your make a more informed decision of whether this is the right fit for you.

Onose Ogbebor

My first matter was a transaction involving 11 companies in ten jurisdictions

This met and even surpassed my expectation of the international nature of the work. I've worked with lawyers and clients from different parts of the world across several continents. A memorable experience for me was meeting and interacting with clients from East Asia. And with my overseas seat in a couple of months, I know the international experience only gets richer and richer.

Collegiate, supportive, diverse and multi-cultural: The workplace culture in the London office

I've discovered that it's important to ask for help, to be kind to yourself as you go through the trainee learning curve. Take a break, grab a coffee, go for a walk, enjoy a meal. These little things matter.

I've also learned that I have many more abilities (e.g., greater resilience and confidence) within me and the right environment can help engage, nurture and develop them.