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Law Without Walls
The students’ experience

Students reflect on their collaboration with White & Case for Law Without Walls 2019

Take three students studying in different cities, add a partner in Berlin, associates and supporters in London … and you get the White & Case 2019 Law Without Walls team!

Since meeting in person at the event earlier this year, this group has been working closely together to develop an innovative response to their challenge: how employers can connect with students from underrepresented backgrounds and also build competencies within universities. 

Virtual collaboration and valuable feedback

For Paris-based student Norchen Brahimi, working with a team in this way has been an eye-opener. “What is really impressive about working with the White & Case team is that they are so good at making our virtual meetings enjoyable and productive at the same time. So we’re actually solving the legal problem while having fun and working in a relaxed and a non-stressful atmosphere.”  

Law without walls - Brahimi
Norchen Brahimi

Fellow student Serene Reza agrees, saying that, “The White & Case team has been hugely supportive. They’ve provided us with guidance, constructive feedback, valuable connections, and facts and figures both from the Firm on the whole, and their own personal experiences. This has made the program feel that much more meaningful and important.”

Law without walls - Serene
Serene Reza

The spirit of teamwork

The 16-week program is an intense hybrid of legal accelerator, executive learning program and workplace learning for students. The third student involved is Christoph Schober, who says that he particularly appreciates the chance to learn from the White & Case professionals. “To communicate on an equal level means so much to me. I feel comfortable to express my ideas honestly and contribute in a constructive way.”

Highlights so far

So what’s been the highlight of the students’ LWOW experience so far? Norchen says, “It has been working on an amazing project with a culturally and professionally diverse team. I would say that embracing the challenges of this collaboration and cross-cultural teamwork is what I appreciate the most.” 

The KickOff event in Segovia made a big impression on Christoph: “A mix of different people, from all over the world, various cultures, colorful backgrounds and hosted by one of the highest ranked business universities, inside the walls of an ancient monastery!”

Law without walls - Christoph
Christoph Schober

Miami calling

According to Serene, “The highlight of the experience has definitely been seeing an actual result emerging from weeks of collaboration. It’s been a very intense couple of months and we’ve all had lots of different tasks to juggle, but I’m excited by the headway we’ve made as a group, and, although it’s a little daunting, we’re really looking forward to presenting our final project at LWOW’s ConPosium in Miami in April.”

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