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Law Without Walls
The intersection of law, tech and business

Students join forces with White & Case to propose innovative ideas to broaden representation within law firms.

What happens when you ask legal specialists, experienced professionals and students from around the world to innovate together and create a compelling solution to a real-life business challenge? Three European students have joined forces with four White & Case colleagues for the 2019 edition of LawWithoutWalls (LWOW). 

This is the first time that White & Case has sponsored a team for this event, which is an exciting hybrid of an executive learning program, legal startup accelerator and workplace learning opportunity for students.

Working as a virtual team over 16 weeks

Using smart applications to interact and collaborate efficiently, the team is following a highly structured 16-week program to co-create the final ‘Project of Worth’ and pitch their ideas to the LWOW community at the University of Miami in April. 
So far, the team have met in person for the two-day Kick-Off session at IE University in Segovia, Spain, and will work virtually until they meet again in Miami.

Broadening representation and building competencies

So what’s the topic under consideration? Team leader Tom Lavin, Senior Manager for Marketing Operations at White & Case, explains: “It’s really important that law firms everywhere represent the full spectrum of societies that they serve. We’re looking at how technology can help employers connect with students at universities outside the traditional selection and also build competencies within those institutions.”  

Benefits for all team members

Team member and London associate Elena Ruggiu points out that the initiative benefits everyone. “I’m really enjoying working with our students! Their motivation and enthusiasm is contagious and I enjoy sharing my own knowledge with them. Participating in LWOW is a valuable learning opportunity for me—I’m honing my own skills in areas like business planning and creative problem solving.”

At the heart of the legal and business ecosystem

Being part of this stimulating ecosystem is a no-brainer for law firms committed to understanding the changes and innovations shaping industries globally. 
“Innovation is hugely important to us, our clients and the law students we are trying to attract,” says White & Case’s Chief Marketing Officer Michael Hertz, who previously took part in LWOW as a mentor to a team a few years ago.  “To stay on our toes, we want to team up with other top legal innovators, and Professor DeStefano at the University of Miami and the Founder of LWOW is one of the leading thinkers.  We love being part of it.”

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