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“There’s a sense of teamwork and camaraderie”

June 2024: We asked four of our graduates, all currently in their third seats, to share their career journeys so far. Find out why they applied in the first place, what their daily job looks like, and about the support they get to continue to learn and grow.

Why did you apply to White & Case?

Soo Choi (Sydney): I was initially drawn to the Firm's strong international network, and the opportunities to work on cross-jurisdictional matters with lawyers from across the globe.

Darcy Lubich (Melbourne): The deciding factor was the sense of community and the supportive environment I experienced during my clerkship. There's a sense of teamwork and camaraderie that resonates throughout the Firm.

Caleb Antonio-Rooney (Melbourne): The Firm's global reach, diverse practice areas and reputation for providing top-tier legal services. Plus, the commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture was appealing.

What does the day-to-day look like for a graduate at White & Case?

CAR: Working closely with senior associates and partners on complex cross-border transactions, conducting legal research, drafting documents and actively participating in client meetings.

Shruti Sudarsan (Melbourne): Common tasks could be managing Condition Precedent checklists, analyzing a contract for a particular question posed by a client, drafting the first cut of an agreement and attending client meetings.

SC: Typically, a junior's day at the Firm will involve a fair amount of client exposure—whether that's corresponding with clients for comments on documents or sitting in on calls to discuss their positions in negotiations.

What are your highlights from the graduate program so far?

SC: Definitely, my overseas rotation to the Singapore office. I spent six months working on highly engaging Asia-Pacific–based deals, while traveling Southeast Asia and enjoying amazing food and culture.

DL: My biggest highlight and challenge so far has actually been the same thing, and that's my current secondment to Dubai. Adapting to a new cultural and legal landscape has been challenging, yet the exposure to the work in this region and the ability I've had to build new connections, both professional and personal, has been deeply rewarding.

SS: During my second rotation in the Melbourne Project Finance team, we represented a liquefied natural gas company in acquiring three separate Australian LNG projects, which successfully closed during my third rotation in Singapore. I learned a lot and gained a unique experience by assisting both teams over the course of two rotations. I was particularly struck by how seamless the transition was between the teams!

How did you find the learning curve as a grad? Did you feel well supported?

CAR: The learning curve can be challenging at times. However, the comprehensive training programs and the ongoing support and guidance from assigned mentors and colleagues has been instrumental in helping me navigate this transition. Mentorship and guidance from experienced colleagues has played a crucial role in building my confidence and proficiency in handling complex assignments.

SS: The learning curve is sharp! Deal teams at White & Case are lean and efficient, which often means that as a graduate lawyer, I was pushed to learn quickly on the job and meet tight deadlines. However, I have been supported all throughout the process, as senior lawyers have an "open -door" policy toward juniors and are keen on mentoring junior lawyers. My graduate cohort has also been a great support to lean on, as we navigate our new careers together.

Aside from client work, what have you enjoyed about working at White & Case?

SC: The Firm offers a lot in the way of social and community networks. I have had the opportunity to be involved in coordinating pro bono efforts across the Sydney and Melbourne offices, which is an interesting way to learn more about the Firm's Global Citizenship initiatives.

SS: I've assisted senior lawyers in drafting a case theory against a defective builder for a pro bono matter, and working with my graduate cohort to film a Law Revue, which was shown at our Christmas party.

CAR: Life outside of work has been enriching. My involvement in numerous pro bono matters has been particularly rewarding, allowing me to make a tangible difference in the community while honing my legal skills. I also helped to organise the office's mid-year celebrations was great fun – and brilliant way of meeting and collaborating with people across the office.

Do you have any advice for prospective applicants for White & Case?

SS: Bring your whole self to work, thoughtfully. By this I mean, think about what strengths you bring to the table and own them when you enter a room. For example, if you consider yourself to be a more introverted person (like me!), use that to your advantage in networking spaces by listening intently, responding thoughtfully to people's responses and building genuine one-on-one relationships.

DL: My advice for prospective applicants is to be genuine and be curious. Be sure to engage early on in the process, and speak to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible so that you can gain a feel for the Firm and the work that we do.