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Advice to my younger self
London partner Edward Attenborough on what he’s learnt so far

January 2022: Edward is a partner in the Disputes Resolution group in London. He reflects on what he has learnt to date and what he's looking forward to in the future.

Law wasn't my first career
After university, I worked as a journalist for four years. When I decided to change careers, I talked to peers at different firms to work out which might be the right fit for me. So when I applied to White & Case, I had done my homework and could explain why I wanted to work here. That's something that any candidate should be able to answer: Why White & Case?

Don't underestimate your transferable skills
As a disputes lawyer, you might say that I still use the skills that I first developed as a journalist: researching the facts and putting together a compelling story. Think about how your own work or life experiences might translate to the skills that a lawyer needs, like problem solving, communicating clearly or being an effective team member.

International work is second nature to me and others at the Firm
Very rarely do I have a purely English case involving entirely UK-based parties. When you work here, almost every matter spans multiple countries. What's more, our teams are incredibly diverse with regard to nationality and culture. I'm always amazed at the number of languages that our team collectively speak.

This is a Firm with a disruptor mentality
Many firms claim to be international, but when you look at White & Case's history, it's undeniable–for example, the Firm has a strong history of being the first major law firm to set up in many emerging markets. Although the firm has grown and become more organised in the time I have been here, that pioneering energy is very tangible still. It is one of the reasons why we are involved in so many cutting-edge, exciting matters and work with such a diverse range of clients.

I keep a close eye on the well-being of my team
During the pandemic, we all had to become more disciplined in checking in to see how our colleagues were doing. It's harder to do that with a screen between you, but that just makes it more important. Everyone should feel supported and that they're an integral, valued member of a team.

I get opportunities here that I wouldn't get anywhere else
I've been at the Firm for 16 years and I'm excited about what the future holds here. I get to work on high-value and fascinating cases for diverse clients across a wide range of industries and geographies, while appearing before high-powered, often pre-eminent international arbitration tribunals. I'm always learning something new and I always will be.