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From the US capital to the heart of the EU
US summer associate Alexandra Butler on her overseas rotation

For Washington, DC summer associate Alexandra Butler, the prospect of a two-week rotation in our Brussels, Belgium office was an unmissable opportunity. She tells us about her experience of the Summer Associate Program and her time in Europe.

"I was not aware of the potential to participate in an overseas rotation when I applied to the White & Case Summer Program. I was made aware of the option during the interview process; it was something that interested me, and that made White & Case stand out," explains Alexandra.

Tell us about the focus of your work in our Brussels office
I worked on mergers and acquisitions that were in various stages of seeking global regulatory approval. It was my first exposure to any sort of regulatory practice. Working on matters being filed with regulatory bodies in so many different countries made for an interesting and dynamic first introduction to M&A regulatory practice.

What was your impression of the city?
I loved Brussels and Belgium. I got to explore the EU corridor and surrounding neighborhoods in Brussels on my evenings; I found some lovely spots for dinner. On the weekend, I enjoyed shopping in the local flea markets and boutiques and also ventured north to the cities of Ghent and Bruges. Both cities are laid out around a system of rivers and canals and have beautiful architecture. I was lucky to have nice weather for walking around, seeing the sites and eating alongside the water. 

How did the work compare to what you were doing Washington, DC?
The work I have done in Washington, DC has focused more on the litigation side. I have gotten to review expert depositions for a mock trial of a pharmaceutical antitrust matter; conduct research for a number of the office's antitrust, litigation and pro bono matters; and help research and prepare a partner's presentation on global cartel enforcement and leniency programs. I am also gaining some exposure to the US Merger Regulatory practice—which is especially interesting after being introduced to the practice from the European perspective.

“The work is interesting and engaging, and the people are welcoming and wonderful to work with.”

Overall, what's your verdict on life as a summer associate at White & Case?
I have loved being a summer associate at White & Case! I have received substantive work and have gotten to explore practices that I was already interested in, as well as some new areas. The work is interesting and engaging, and the people are welcoming and wonderful to work with. The Summer Program includes a lot of different social events—which are a great way to network with associates and partners as well as your summer class. My summer experience has been fun and a great learning experience!

What's your advice for anyone considering applying for the Summer Program?
I would absolutely encourage anyone who is interested to apply. My advice would be to talk to as many people at the Firm as you can, both before and during your summer. You not only get to meet some wonderful people from different practice areas, but you can learn about their practice and what they love about it; you may even learn about new areas of interest you would not have engaged in otherwise.