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Former summer associate Roxane reflects on what she learnt

“The most amazing thing about my summer experience was finding out how much White & Case is invested in everyone’s success.”

Roxane Picard, now an associate in our corporate team, tells us about her summer associate experience, including breakfast with our Chairman and a trip to the London Zoo.

Coming to White & Case was a no-brainer. I had the privilege of interviewing for the first-year law student (1L in the US) summer associate position dedicated to diverse candidates at the Firm two years ago. Though I was not selected (a wonderful fellow summer associate and NYU colleague received it), the Firm offered me the opportunity to use the interview for a second year (2L) candidacy.

Choosing a truly global firm

When I received an offer from White & Case for my 2L Summer, I promptly accepted it and did not interview elsewhere. After going to more than 20 firm receptions in 1L spring and connecting with dozens of lawyers, White & Case became my top choice because it was truly global, and it seemed to really value each member equally. 

Learning on the ground in London - plus a trip to the zoo

Since I expressed a strong interest in the London office, I was able to do a two-week rotation there. I worked on a bond issuance for a Turkish bank under the guidance of a wonderful associate. She took time out of her busy days to show me the ropes: how to redline; how to decipher strange mark-up symbols; and how to learn about the differences between Big Law in New York vs. London. 

The summer class, which comprised four full-time summer associates and a few visiting summer associates from different US offices, participated in a social responsibility trip to the London Zoo, where we packed winter food for the giraffes.

Pro bono, bond issuance and collaboration

Upon my return to the New York office, I worked on an arbitration matter for a non-profit pro bono client. I actively participated in a deposition by submitting questions, drafting outlines for witness testimonies, doing legal research for the pre-hearing brief submission and attending the five-day arbitration hearing that White & Case hosted. 

I also worked on a 144A bond issuance in which I was able to draft a small section of the offering memorandum, and I worked on a collaboration agreement between two tech companies.

Breakfast with the Chairman

Interesting work aside, the most amazing thing about my summer experience was finding out how much White & Case is invested in everyone’s success. I’ve never had a lawyer turn me down for a coffee or lunch offer. Partners are very active in the Summer Program. A fellow summer associate and I had an hour-long breakfast with the Chairman of the Firm, just because we reached out by email (and, by the way, he has an open office!). I’ve had one-on-one discussions with the hiring partner, who actively seeks feedback about the Summer Program.

To all law students who want to work in a welcoming, inclusive environment that intentionally creates space for your opinions - and values them as much as any other member of the Firm’s - I encourage you to reach out to me and to the recruitment staff at White & Case.

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