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My Pride Story
Chicago associate Kevin Gomez shares his Pride story

June 2022: Kevin Gomez is an associate in our Chicago office. He's shared his #MyPrideStory with us, including news of the Firm's first Pride event in Chicago.

Being out at work matters

If I cannot be my authentic self, I cannot provide the best work that I know I am capable of. Not everyone has to worry about how their identity impacts their work, their career, or their livelihood, and this fear is ever-present in my mind. However, working at White & Case alleviates that worry.

How allies can show up for their LGBTQ+ colleagues

Elevate your team members' voices, acknowledge their contributions and evaluate whether the current system in place allows for members of our community to succeed. Also, take the time to learn about some issues members of our community face, and do not take up room in LGBTQ+ spaces without an invitation.

More role models are required

We are seeing more LGBTQ+ lawyers entering the profession, but not enough in positions of leadership. We need to actively support our LGBTQ+ colleagues so that they can succeed. Plus, it's important to our clients.

Being LGBTQ+ is an asset in my professional life

It provides me with a different perspective on life, work and people. We need to be creative in our profession to better serve our clients and viewing things with different lenses or angles provides better solutions for our clients.

You don't need to change yourself in order to succeed

Do not sacrifice any part of yourself. You do not need to fit a mold in order to succeed. As lawyers, we have the general standard of professionalism that we abide by, but that does not mean that you should throw your sense of self away.

Spectrum is a truly global network

Having a community across the Firm is exciting and refreshing. While all of our experiences are not the same, we can all understand similar issues that we face. I know I can reach out to my colleagues in other parts of the world and enjoy a conversation or discuss legal matters we are working on for our clients.

I'm looking forward to enjoying Pride 2022 in Chicago

I am planning the Chicago office's first Pride event and am hoping that our colleagues will join with their families. Aside from that, I will be with my partner and friends celebrating who we are.