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Moscow associate Evgeny on challenging work and mentorship
"There's great team spirit, and I always feel fully supported"

When White & Case partner Andrei Dontsov gave an introductory course in M&A to students at Moscow State University, it was the first time that Evgeny Letunovsky began to understand what an international lawyer does.

“He’s not only a skilled and passionate lawyer; he also really loves law and teaching.”  

Inspired by this, Evgeny did his own research and realized that working in a large commercial firm would offer him the challenging career that he wanted. "Lawyers need to be constantly learning and developing their skills, and that really appealed to me. It's skilled work, and it can be difficult; no two cases are ever the same." 

Now working in the highly regarded Moscow Dispute Resolution practice, he explains why he joined White & Case as an associate from another firm. "The Disputes team here is one of the best in Russia. So it was a combination of the team, the work and the clients—all are superb."

A learning curve that never ends

So has the work lived up to his expectations? The answer is emphatically yes. "In terms of the work, I get to work with clients and with colleagues from many different countries. I enjoy the challenge of working within multiple law systems and jurisdictions—it's a learning curve that never ends."

In this busy environment, Evgeny says that it's the support and camaraderie of his team that makes all the difference. "There's great team spirit, and I always feel fully supported. You're never alone with a problem; there's always someone to ask, and we have an open-door policy." The team spirit extends to karaoke nights and sporting activity too. Evgeny plays with the competitive Moscow office volleyball team.

“I believe that connecting and communicating with someone more senior can make a critical difference for a young lawyer. It’s something that I sought out myself, and I believe that it can really improve your career and your ability to be a great lawyer.” 

An important role as a mentor

Evgeny is a mentor to summer program interns, and to law students at his alma mater. He also teaches courses in Russian litigation and legal drafting. "It's challenging to find the time, but I believe that it's really important to give back." His own uncertainty about what a career in law really entails inspired him to take on this mentoring and teaching role.

Finally, what advice does Evgeny have for students considering applying for our summer internship program or associates considering their next move? "It's not enough to be smart—you also need to be open and honest. Being a good colleague and team player is really important. This is a great place to work for those who are open to constructive criticism and want to keep learning."

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