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Law Without Walls
Teamwork, dedication and inspiration at the LawWithoutWalls ConPosium in Miami

“Being part of LWOW means taking a step forward in the innovation and technology space, which is just where White & Case want to be”

The first-ever White & Case-sponsored LawWithoutWalls team have recently returned from the final event in Miami, where they presented their idea for a new type of recruitment tool  to an enthusiastic audience of lawyers, supporters and students from around the world. Read more about this global challenge here, and find out about what the students involved made of the virtual team-working experience in this article.

“This has been the greatest journey I’ve ever experienced!” according to student team member  Norchen Brahimi. “The team members have been so supportive and encouraging.” This ConPosium marked the end of an extraordinary journey for the team, who met in person back in January and since then have used tools including Skype, Slack and Adobe Connect to communicate and develop their ideas together.

Impressing the audience

Taking on a challenge around recruitment into law firms, the team focused on developing a solution that addressed this need using the latest technology. Tom Lavin explains that it was the student team members who came up with a game-based assessment tool, including a very contemporary sales pitch. “We created a commercial for our tool, using a collection of Instagram stories, which was shown throughout the ConPosium. This was a big hit with the audience and their reaction was really satisfying.”

White & Case London associate Elena Ruggiu adds that the lawyers on the team contributed practical insights into the recruitment process in the UK, and also ensured that the tool reflected the non-legal knowledge and skills that future associates require. 

Inspiration and ambition: Learning from others

As well as the satisfaction of developing a workable product and then the chance to present this to the venture capitalists, legal professionals and worldwide audience that watched the live-streamed pitches, the White & Case team came away inspired and stimulated by their fellow teams’ ideas.

Student Serene Raza sums up LWOW 2019 saying, “This has been a really worthwhile experience and we’ve developed the skills that we’ll need moving forwards. Above all, it’s been really great fun.”

Tackling ideas as diverse as flying drones in a restricted airspace to reducing food waste or syndicated loans at investment banks, the creativity and ambition of the concepts and execution was both impressive and extremely thought-provoking. According to Tom Lavin, “Being part of LWOW means taking a step forward in the innovation and technology space, which is just where White & Case wants to be.”

Law Without Walls 2019
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