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Innovative virtual learning opportunities for law students

So you think you want to be a lawyer? For students interested in the legal profession, a key challenge has been how to get realistic insight into the working life of a lawyer before applying for a summer associate position.

Now White & Case has become the first law firm in the US to invite students to complete a substantial virtual learning experience. Although not formally assessed, the program can help accelerate a future candidate's career journey as it allows them to demonstrate their interest in law while also building their skills and experience.

Gain practical experience of different areas of law

Using the InsideSherpa open-access platform, students can sign up for free for a series of assignments to really understand what it's like to work not just in law, but in different areas of law. Current modules include Project Finance, M&A and an IP matter, and candidates typically take five to six hours to complete the program.

For Head of Americas Campus Recruiting Kasey Stein, this insight into the variety of work the Firm offers is a real benefit for candidates: "This tool gives students the opportunity to build their commercial awareness and gain a real sense of the types of deals and matters undertaken by our associates."

Feedback from one student confirms that it's delivering real benefits for participants: "I found this program useful not only in terms of applying my knowledge and skills but also learning about life inside a global law firm."

Building a diverse talent pipeline

Antonia Choi, Global Director of Recruiting and Employer Branding, is enthusiastic about how this innovative online tool is pushing the boundaries of traditional work experience: "InsideSherpa and our team worked closely together to design this program so that it resonates with students, and we think that they'll enjoy completing the modules and seeing what it takes to succeed at the Firm."

She's also clear about how this platform can help the Firm diversify its pipeline of talent: "This is about giving students from all schools and backgrounds the tools they need to feel prepared as they start thinking about a career in Big Law. Whilst we cannot physically meet all students who may be interested in White & Case, we hope that this will enable them to ‘meet us' virtually and get a good feel for what we do."

Watch this space for additional programs, coming soon!

Start your legal journey with White & Case. Join our virtual experience program.