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Introducing our US Summer Program
Life at White & Case

We have recently wrapped up our 2019 US Summer Program. We asked two of our recruiters to give us the inside line on what makes this program so fulfilling. Watch their insider video tour and read on to find out what Legal Recruitment Coordinators Tyla Murphy and Juliette Fernandez have to say:

Is the Summer Associate Program a good way to get to know the Firm?

JF: Absolutely! We take pride in knowing that our summer associates get real work in the areas that they are interested in and truly get insight as to what it is like to work as a first-year associate and part of our Firm.

TM: Our summer associates become fully integrated into life at White & Case. They are members of our larger Firm family and the connections last even after the ten-week program ends.

JF: My favorite part of the Summer Program is seeing our summer associates become part of the Firm, from day one. They are the future of our Firm, and it is very exciting to be part of their journey from day one.

What do you hear from summer associates about what they most enjoy?

JF: It is really a tie between the people and the work they get to do. The fact is we all end up spending most of our time in the office and with our colleagues; the opportunity to get to do work they are interested in with people that are supportive and engaged makes it that much better.

TM: By far, the people make our program so special. It is an intelligent, collegial and most importantly, a "flat" or open Firm. In this era, law students seek this culture and White & Case is already there.

Why should a potential summer associate consider applying for a position as a White & Case summer associate?

TM: We give real work experience and mimic what life would be like as a first-year or second-year associate. We pride ourselves on having more of an apprenticeship rather than an internship. Summer associates often manage their own pro bono assignments as well. The partners and associates are welcoming, supportive and, above all, they mentor our summer associates so that they return to their 3L year more prepared than ever.

JF: Very simply—the people! Our partners and associates look forward to the program every year! They look forward to meeting the summer associates, taking them to lunch, having them sit in on calls, etc. The mentoring, whether formally or informally given, is something our partners and associates take very seriously and so enjoy doing.

Watch the video to learn more about the US summer program
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