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Introducing our Insight Scheme in London

June 2024: Josh Christie, Rosie Glover, Pratham Gupta and Charlotte Okulaja joined us for two days in our London office for our Insight Scheme. Find out about their first taste of working in a global law firm and what they enjoyed about the experience.

What were your first impressions of White & Case in London?

PG: I was highly impressed with the diversity of talent at the Firm. Everyone had a unique background, and they were appreciated for it.

CO: Having already attended a career dinner that White & Case had hosted in Nottingham, I was already aware of the camaraderie between the lawyers at White & Case. I was pleased to find that this transferred to the office.

JC: The insight scheme significantly influenced my perception of White & Case, highlighting its global character through the diverse backgrounds of its people, international office collaboration and cross-border work.

RG: It's a welcoming and accommodating Firm—from the Early Careers Team to the partners I met, everyone was friendly and wanted to hear from you and to make you feel comfortable and supported.

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What preconceptions did you have about working in a City law firm?

RG: A preconception I had was that it would be intimidating but all the lawyers at all levels were friendly and showed the human side to City law.

PG: I expected a tightly wound and tense environment of working lawyers, and I was so glad to find out how friendly everyone is at the Firm. It made me more excited about my future. 

CO: While the strong work ethic amongst all the lawyers I came across is admirable, they also seem happy to be at work and interact with their colleagues.

JC: I believed that City law firms would not delegate significant responsibilities to their trainees; however, I quickly found out that White & Case's trainees play vital roles on key aspects of cases.

What surprised you about the Firm?

PG: I expected to feel beyond ill-equipped to understand the work everyone was doing, but I realised White & Case lawyers have the unique ability to make any issue more accessible. From commercial awareness to the nuances of corporate M&A, I left with so much more knowledge than I came in with.

RG: I was surprised at how much interaction trainees have with partners and the work they do together, which I would like to have in my future training.

JC: Rather than seeing itself as composed of separate entities, the Firm operates as a unified entity, which allows the Firm to provide consistent, high-quality services across various legal domains.
What was your favourite part of the two-day Insight Scheme?

JC: My favourite part was shadowing two trainees in Litigation and Debt Finance. Both offered valuable insights into their respective departments and highlighted the collaborative cross-jurisdictional nature of the work.

PG: My personal highlight was undoubtedly the work shadowing. As a law student with no family background in the industry, I have had little exposure to the work lawyers do. So, getting the chance to know what these trainees do one-on-one was an invaluable experience, and I was so relieved they were more than happy to answer all my questions.

CO: My personal highlights of the scheme are firstly winning the icebreaker game of people bingo, which really helped me get to know my cohort better; and secondly, the M&A talk from a partner and trainee, as it is an area of law I had not really had much exposure to as a non-law student but has now greatly piqued my interest.

RG: I enjoyed hearing from partner John Timmons about his journey to partnership from a socially mobile background.

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Did the scheme confirm your interest in becoming a lawyer?

CO: Definitely! The wide range of sectors of law that White & Case undertakes, as well as its stimulating environment, have undoubtedly solidified my goal of becoming a commercial lawyer in the future.

PG: Absolutely. It made the picture of my future aspirations so much clearer in my head. White & Case is involved in some of the most exciting legal work at a global scale, and you get to do it all with the brightest and the most congenial people—who would not be allured by that?

JC: Undoubtedly, the scheme fulfilled my interest in the dynamic, rewarding and intellectually stimulating nature of a legal career, while further affirming that White & Case would be one of my top choices of firms to join.