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How to stay motivated and keep learning

We asked our US Legal Recruitment Coordinators for their advice about how future lawyers and US law students can continue learning and keep motivated. Danielle, Juliette and Tyla also share their personal wellness tips for this challenging time.

Keep connected

Being separated from friends and family is difficult, but technology makes it easy to keep in touch. Like many other workplaces, White & Case employees are discovering how to communicate effectively when working remotely. "As well as our regular meetings, we're scheduling more informal check-ins," explains Juliette Fernandez. "So we're making use of Zoom and FaceTime as well as our usual workplace tools. Staying in contact is good for morale and helps us all feel connected." 

Tyla Murphy suggests that students use apps like Zoom or Houseparty to create virtual study groups. "It's also a great idea to reach out to 3L students for guidance on coursework. They have covered these classes already and can provide some insight into the curriculum." Danielle Fine adds that, "Online learning can be difficult, so staying connected with instructors and classmates, especially when you have questions, can be helpful. Leaning on and developing your existing relationships will strengthen bonds when everyone finally comes together again."

US Recruitment Coordinators

Explore new skills and topics

As well as staying engaged and in touch at work, the team are keen to make the most of this time at home to learn something new. "I'm trying to recreate my favorite restaurant dishes," says Tyla. "Not only do we get to eat well, it's also a good way to feel a part of the wider world when we can't go out. I recommend @NYTimesCooking and @BonAppetitMag for inspiration." 

Danielle has been making time to move every day and says that Pinterest is a great place to find new workouts. Juliette says that she's hoping to catch up on some quality reading time. "I follow along with Reese Witherspoon's book club, and her recommendations are definitely worth checking out. I've also been really enjoying the new series of Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu—there's a new episode weekly and this is something I really look forward to."

Tyla adds that yoga and meditation apps like Calm and Yoga with Adriene are a welcome aid to mindfulness. "We can all use the support right now. It's good to have a go-to list of positive and uplifting content."

Explore resources

Danielle has some advice for all students who want to keep learning and build upon their skills. "We offer a virtual experience program, which is a great way to build up your workplace experience." Juliette points out that this program is accredited by recruiters too. "This is a great way for law students to really explore what our work entails. Completing this program is a good way to demonstrate your appetite for learning and your resilience too—something that recruiters will certainly be interested in."

Tyla suggests that future lawyers can also make use of the Firm's online information and resources, "Take a look at the profiles and interviews on Inside White & Case and discover more about who we are, what we do and what it's really like to be a lawyer at White & Case"

Danielle suggests that students could also discover more about how they work best and what kind of work environment they will flourish in. "Consider taking the time to do a personality test such as Myers-Briggs or DiSC." 

Make plans, stay in touch

For Danielle, thinking long-term is important at this time. "We're all looking forward to getting back to normal life. As well as keeping work and career goals in mind, I'm finding it helpful to plan long-term for events and activities. That applies to personal matters too—I've signed up for a race and I'm using the time normally spent commuting to work on my home training program. It's really helping me feel motivated and positive." 

Of course, staying connected goes for family and friends too. Danielle says that she's been coaching older family members about how to use video-calling tools, and Juliette Fernandez has been staying in touch with messaging apps and regular calls. Finally, all three say that they are looking out for ways to help neighbors or contribute to their local communities.

Law students are invited to reach out directly to our US Legal Recruitment team to connect with us or to schedule a short call. Please feel free to email us:

Juliette Fernandez: [email protected]

Danielle Fine: [email protected]

Tyla Murphy: [email protected]

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